FTTH Solution

Rapid development of fiber technology and its application in worldwide, the rapidly increasing End users demands in services of broadcast, internet, voice and video has become an important leader in the integration of the networks.

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) provides higher bandwidth all the way to individual building and businesses to provide high-speed broadband access, PON is the best FTTH accessing technology in worldwide.


KT’s FTTH Solution and Operations

Our FTTH solution provides completely cutting-edge new generation passive fiber network solution based on xPON platform which ultimately meets complete solution standardized system, overall solution fulfills complete transmission requirement for ISP provider for high speed internet service, and along with bundled services of voice and video, our solution provide comprehensive solution to the various business domain operators,   

It has been proved that point-to-point architecture is the trendsetting solution for bi-directional services like high speed data transmission and telephony. therefore, KT’S has developed an extensive product line especially for the FTTH network technology.

Basically, the main PON system which located in server room and called OLT, OLT is basically provided uplink interface and downlink interface of passive optical network, obtusely OLT is main entity which also control center of network,